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In the event of any affiliate engaging in misleading or deceptive promotional practices, the company reserves the right to take legal action to protect its interests. Affiliates found to be in breach of this policy may face termination from the affiliate program and may be subject to legal proceedings.”

This statement serves as a deterrent to affiliates who might consider engaging in unethical behavior, emphasizing the importance of honest and transparent promotion of your products.

Promote Ethically: Promote the product honestly and transparently.

Use Approved Methods: Use approved promotional methods such as website, social media, and email marketing.

Provide Value: Provide valuable content to your audience related to the product.

Use Tracking Links: Use provided tracking links to ensure accurate commission tracking.

Respect Intellectual Property: Respect company trademarks and branding guidelines.

Communicate Effectively: Maintain open communication with the affiliate program manager.

Adhere to Guidelines: Follow the affiliate program guidelines and terms and conditions.

Provide Feedback: Provide feedback and suggestions for improving the affiliate program.

Stay Informed: Stay informed about product updates, promotions, and changes to the affiliate program.

Build Relationships: Build relationships with your audience and engage with them authentically.


Mislead Customers: Do not use misleading or deceptive marketing tactics.

Spam: Do not engage in spamming or send unsolicited promotional emails.

Use Unauthorized Methods: Do not use unauthorized promotional methods such as cookie stuffing or black-hat SEO techniques.

Infringe Intellectual Property: Do not infringe on the company’s intellectual property rights.

Manipulate Tracking: Do not manipulate tracking links or engage in fraudulent activities to inflate commissions.

Engage in Illegal Activities: Do not engage in illegal activities or promote illegal products.

Disparage the Product: Do not disparage the product or the company in your promotional efforts.

Ignore Guidelines: Do not ignore the affiliate program guidelines or terms and conditions.

Provide False Information: Do not provide false information about the product or make unsupported claims.

Ignore Feedback: Do not ignore feedback from the affiliate program manager or company.

By following these do’s and don’ts, affiliates can effectively promote your product while maintaining integrity and trust with their audience.

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